Data Viz Workshop 2015 – Scuola Politecnica di Design

Data Viz Workshop 2015 – Scuola Politecnica di Design

In the next future the huge amount of collected information will need designers able to lay out, summarize and facilitate the reading of complex events. Collected data, from human activities and not only, will be an asset for whom will be able to organise and use them. Data Visualization Laboratory aims at providing for essential technical and theoretical tools to build a dataset research using the power of visualisation and visual analysis.

Thematic Datasets supplied to each student are open data, such as creative commons licensed content, free and usable by anyone, available on the institutional website of the City Of Milan. Produced visualisations want to be a portrait of the City of Milan, a picture from different points of view: hospitality, consumptions, culture, immigration, apps, jobs, municipality budgets, populations, commerce, tourism and weather.

Teacher: Massimiliano Mauro e Giorgio Uboldi

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